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Download The Magicians book pdf By Lev Grossman

The Magicians Download

Quentin Coldwater is a high school student from Brooklyn, who goes to an advanced school with best friend James and Julia.

The Magicians book PDF

She loves a series of books called “Phillori and Next”, which includes children from Chatwin family searching for a Narnia-Esk land named Phillyn. On the day of his Princeton interview, alum is found dead from aneurysm. Quentin is given an envelope by a paramedic, who magically takes him to Brackbills College for the only school, Magic Pedagogy for magic in North America. He takes a written test and is accepted as one of twenty new students. Julia also exams but fails. According to the protocol, Julia’s memory is wiped out to prevent the existence of magic or to remember the school.

After starting his studies in Brackybill, it soon becomes clear for Quentin that learning magic is difficult and tedious, because every mantra should be different from dozens of ways, depending on factors like the phase of the moon and the closest body of water. Does it The curriculum includes many old and lost languages, and learning to have innumerable hand positions. Despite this, Quentin and his classmates Penny and Alice are allowed to move their one year ahead by narrowing their first year’s education. Penny fails in special exams and remains behind, then later Quentin removes her from jealousy. One day during class, a bored Quentin taper is referred to as a magic and another horrible “Beast”, which enters the Brackelbill. It eats a student, before the other faculty will be able to overcome it.

Third year students are assigned a discipline. Although Quentin’s discipline does not reveal himself to teachers, he and Alice are ranked in the physical magic group. The physical kids include Eliot, Josh and Janet, who are over them one year. Dean organizes a tournament of magical game welders for the school, which is lost in the Physical Kids Finals. During their fourth semester of the spring semester, they are all sent to Brakabil South of Antarctica where they practice in silence and isolation. During a lesson, students love Arctic foxes and Quentin and Alice. They are offered an optional final examination: to go to the South Pole and to survive. Quentin does this and returns to Brackbills. Elliott points out that Elise was the only other person to take the exam.

During a summer holiday in Massachusetts, Quentin encounters Julia about school. Memory eraser did not work properly and he was obsessed with learning and magic of learning. Quentin tells her the location of the school, hopes that her memory will be erased properly.

Summary The Magicians

On graduation level, Quentin and other physical kids spend their days and nights in hedonic activities. Still looking for a purpose, his former classmate pennies brings news about travel between the world: Phillori is real.

The group finds magical miracles in Phillori and meets The Beast, who has emerged as the youngest child lost in “The Wonderful Dunes”, Martin Chattwin, who sacrificed his humanity to live forever in magical time. is. After a brutal battle, Alice sacrificed himself to kill Martin, Penny lost both of her hands and chose the option of living in the Netherlands, a circle between the world, and seriously injured Quentin Centers The group is left in care while others are afraid that they will never wake up from their coma.

After awaking several months later, Quentin becomes depressed and frustrated, especially when Jane, the smallest Chatwin, is pulling the wire in the stories of his siblings and Quentin himself. Using a magical time-traveler, he finally succeeded in killing Martin, led by a conflict with Quentin and his friends.

Back to Earth, Quentin takes a high-paying non-magical job, where he spends playing his time playing video games. One day, Eliot and Janet did a show with Julia, who has learned magic, returning to Phillori as Kings and Queens.

Details The Magicians

Author: Lev Grossman
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary fantasy, High fantasy, Parallel universe
Publisher: Viking, Penguin Books
Publication date: 2009
Pages: 490
ISBN: 978-0-670-02055-3
Followed by: The Magician King
File Formate: pdf
File Size: 1.72MB

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