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Mare Barrow is a red who lives with his parents and a younger sister Geisa. His three elder brothers, Brie, Trami, and Shade, work in the frontline of a war fought between the Northern Kingdom, The Leylands and Barrow’s homeland, the state of Norte.

Red Queen book pdf

Currently one of the many “Silver” citizens on the Norta is ruled by King Tiberius Kellor VI, whose silver’s blood and supernatural powers allow them to rule on many more powerless red blood populations. Ghosh is jealous of Geisa because his skill in sewing gave him the opportunity to work for Silver, and the Reds who have a job, they do not have to become in the war. When Mare realizes that his best friend, Killen Warren, will be killed, he plans to escape and meets a coworker, who directs him to a captain, Scarlett Guards, Farle, who They are rebels who want to bring about equality between their people and people. The Silver Farley calls for money in return for the escape of Killarn.

When the Scarlet guards have bombed the state, the plan to steal silver with Geisa gets misplaced if there is a genocide. Geisha’s hand has been shot and broken into chaos, so that she had to stop her from leaving her job and supporting the mare’s family, while the dreams of Geisa decreased to become lead. During an attempt to steal at a tavern, the mare meets Kyle, who is a handsome boy who listens to her problems and expresses regret for her, gives her the money she needs. The next day, the mare is taken to the king’s local residence and she is given a job as a servant. He realizes that the son of Cal Tiberias Calore VI, Prince Tiberias Calore VII, who gave him his work in the palace so that he could save him from protection. During Queenstrell, where Silver’s nobility competes for Kell’s hand, Murray has demonstrated electonic powers against Kyle’s last bride, Evangeline Samos. He has been caught, but because the king is suspected of a revolt, he should be made a red for the discovery of supernatural powers, the mare has been named the second son of Tiberia, Sharmi Maavan, who has been named Marina Titanos, and a cover Story has been given: daughter is a silver generator who died in the war zone and was adopted by the Reds in the war zone. The mare feels torn because she realizes that she is in love with Kail, her betrayal brother and future King Raja. However, she soon grows up to develop feelings for Maven.

After being in the form of a nobleman within the ranks of the King, the mare gradually acquaints herself with Maven and Kail, while Julian Jacques, with Kyle’s uncle and a librarian, teaches him that he How to control your powers. Murray is allowed to say goodbye to his family by Kail and learns the return of Brie and Trami, but not the shade, which was held responsible for the heroes reported by the silver officers. His favorite brother was killed, that the mare got involved in Scarlett Guards. While meeting with Falley to discuss the plans, the mare gets to know when she learns that Kirnel got involved, and was amazed when she saw that Maven was also involved. This new revelation brings Mare and Maven closer and they become lovers. The plan involves disrupting a royal ball and killing several important silver. However, an unexpected and mysterious bomb stops, many innocent people are killed in this process, and as a result, other members of Kirnel, Farley and Scarlet Guard are also caught. However, thanks to Julian’s help, rebels can be freed, when the mare came to know that Farley is not responsible for the bomb dropped in the castle.

Summary Red Queen

Due to the attack of Scarlett Guards, the Reds are punished by Silver with the age of 18 to 15 years old. Order to broadcast new law Julian acknowledged that his research concluded that there is a genetic mutation in the blood of the dead, which makes it red, but enables the power as the power, and is stronger than both; Apart from this, he is not the only one with Mutation. There was mutation in the shade, due to which he was killed; The only reason the mare was spared was because her powers were revealed, while she was seen by many silver spectators, thus preventing a cover-up. Julian has also mentioned that she needs to hide, so she leaves the dead list of people like her. Another meeting with Farley, in a free zone which is excluded from Silver, through the suggestion of Mao, leads the mare to infiltrate the king’s residence in the capital. There, the rebels, through underground-rotating Undertrines, put an attack on the stake. The mare tried to convince Kail to allow Scarlet guards to proceed beyond the castle, and accepted them to help. Cal, scares him with treachery, refuses and arrests both Marines and Maven, which leads them to the castle. However, once in the presence of Queen Elara and King Tiberius, Queen Elara revealed that she and Mann Maven are manipulating the whole time in a conspiracy to give the title of King and Killing Kell. After this, Elara used his power of mind control to force his father to kill, thus branding him and the mare treachery and allowing Maven to become king.

Murray and Kale are sentenced to death, but they are rescued by Scarlett Guards before their execution. Mare and era fight with their predecessors, including Evangeline, and manage to kill some silver before retreating. Before going to Maven, the two run away with the Undertran. Inside this, the mare Farley joins with the cohort, and in its shock, the shade, who stopped her death and she is also a part of the Scarlet Guard. Mare vowed to take revenge against Maven, and used the list made from Julian to find other people like him.

Details Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication date: 2015
Pages: 1070
ISBN: 978-14-0915072-5
File Formate: pdf
file Size: 1.91MB

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