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In the world of a dystopian fairy-tale where societies are divided among the castes, there are people of Royals and elite, as the most prosperous, and eight are mostly orphans, drug users, disabled and unemployed. America is a five, cast “cast” (like musicians, artists, actors, dancers, etc.). Since their prosperity depends on their desirability, so five people live a lower class life. The US, however, does not care, because he loves entertaining, especially with a violin. The Princess of Ilya, Maxen Sreveve announced that he is following the footsteps of his father by holding the crown and crown of prince’s hand in the selection, marriage. Despite the pressure of her mother, the US is not interested in entering the competition because she is already Aspen, her secret lover.

The Selection book pdf

After talking to her mother, who lets her keep most of her savings, America decides to surprise Aspen, with dinner at the Tree House. This disturbs him, as he believes that he should be providing for him, but he is the six (servant caste) and there is no way to do this because he is already taking care of his mother and siblings Have to do . Finally, Aspen decided to break the relationship with the United States. The end of their relationship, the bribe from his mother, the United States to enter the castle and later to the castle, where it has to compete with thirty-four other girls to win the Prince’s heart. It also helps that his time in the palace is accompanied by a small stipend sent to his family.

America easily makes friends (Marley Thames) and enemies (Celeste Newzom) within the first week of their stay, but their unique personality also attracts palace employees and country’s attention. However, he still does not want to marry Prince Maxson, but after getting an opportunity in the gardens, he makes friends with each other. America still loves Aspen, but she gradually starts falling in love with the prince. Maxen gives America its first kiss, and she starts thinking that she may marry him and forget Espan. The rebels constantly attack the castle, which helps overcome the weak hearted contestants, but also makes things stressful, especially when the rebels are getting close. Things are also stressful in the competition when America begins to feel jealous of spending time with other selected Mexicans.

Summary The Selection

America eventually sees Aspen again when he enters the palace as a new member of the guard. He was admitted to the army, where he earned top honors. Aspen’s presence made America’s emotions even more confusing and she began to feel that she still loves her when she goes to her room to see her. During the competition, romantic relationship with someone other than Rajkum is considered as treason, and the punishment of sedition can be serious in the form of death. America sees Aspen in spite of possible outcomes.

After an attack of the rebels, who leaves one of the selected three, Prince Maxson decides to narrow the girls from The Elite to 10 to 6. When the name of America ends between the six people chosen to remain, then she realizes that she keeps feelings for Maxson and can see herself happy with her. Keeping this in mind, she tells Aspen that she can not continue her romantic relationship. Aspen, instead of being discouraged, claims that he will fight even more on Maxson to win over his love again. The book finally feels with America that she is in the right place where she wants to be – between The Elite

Details The Selection

Author: Kiera Cass
Country: United States and China
Language: English
Series: The Selection
Genre: Dystopian, Young adult, Romance
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication date: April 14, 2012
Pages: 330
ISBN: 978-0-545-61494-8
Followed by: The Elite
File Formate: pdf
File Size: 1.24MB

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